Coaching & Consulting

Every person needs support along the way and each of our sessions are customized to meet your needs. We offer education, coaching and training for families wanting to build better relationships and improve their family atmosphere.


Coaching families is about facilitating change. It’s about helping your family move from conflict to cooperation. We help open up the lines of communication to build closer relationships that are based on mutual respect, understanding and encouragement.


Come learn new methods of parenting from the comfort of your home. PEN can help couples learn how to parent on the same page together, become more confident in your parenting and ultimately improve your relationship to become positive role models.


We work with many individuals who are experiencing their own unique challenges. Whether you need help dealing with a demanding young child, a rebellious teenager or having difficulty dealing with your ex-partner, we can offer you support, guidance and build your confidence.

Tween and Teens

The benefits of coaching tweens and teens is to help build their self-esteem. By listening and supporting this age group we can do a lot to improve their decision-making, encourage their autonomy and help them achieve their goals.