Workshop Categories

From new parents and educators to community organizations and established corporations, PEN’s workshop categories offer a rich curriculum specific to each audience. Select the category that applies to you and view our workshop topics.


These workshops are geared toward a specific parenting topic and takes place over several sessions. Parents will be supported in private sessions that will allow for an in-depth look at how to implement practical strategies that will lead to transformative changes.


These topics are geared for School Advisory Councils seeking opportunities to engage parents and caregivers in their community with a Parent Workshop. They are also suitable for educators interested in learning practical strategies to optimize classroom management.


These workshops are ideal for Public agencies that do outreach to families in the community. If you belong to a Charity, Non-profit Organization or a Social Service agency, you will be able to offer these educational parenting workshops to a wide audience.


Balancing family responsibilities with work can be challenging for many employees. These workshops will help employees hone-in-on their parenting skills, which will lead to a happier family life and in turn, improve productivity at the workplace.