Children: The Challenge


$625 CAD


8-Sessions, One-Hour / Session
Zoom / Private
Attendee Types
Couples, Singles

Based on the classic book “Children: The Challenge” by Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs. According to Dreikurs: What parents have to learn is how to become a match for their children, wise to their ways and capable of guiding them without letting them run wild or stifling them. As the child needs training, so do parents. This workshop outlines many of the basic principles for dealing with children.


  • Understanding the child
  • Encouragement
  • The Child’s Mistaken Goals
  • Use of Natural and Logical Consequences
  • Be firm without dominating
  • Show respect for the child
  • Maintain Routine
  • Win co-operation
  • Avoid Giving Undue Attention
  • Sidestep the Struggle for Power